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Monday, July 30, 2007

Car Maintenance

I just got confirmation on my three belief about car over the weekend.

1. Is to always bring your car to be serviced by the manufacturer. That why I always bring my car back to Ford even though it is more expensive
2. Change your car after 5 years otherwise everything starts to breakdown.
3. Always service your car regularly.

You ask the reason why I say this. Well as we went to Kelang for dinner and as we were driving back. I drove my car and mys sister took my parents back in her own car which is about 6 years old, she don't service the car regularly and the last service she just took it to one of the workshop outside.

I got a distress call from my sister saying that the car broke down in the middle of the road. It just died while she driving. Lucky it was quite late and not on the highway. She managed to call AAM and they came and found out her radiator leaked. AND I WAS INSULTED BY ONE OF MY SISTER FREN.. HE SAID THAT GIRL ONLY KNOW HOW TO START A CAR AND DRIVE. HELLO... I KNOW MORE THAN THAT ... I KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN MY CAR... WTF.. WHAT DARK AGES IS HE LIVING IN.

The previous week after she took her car to service at the workshop, suddenly all the light, the handbrake, air bag and abs light came on for no reason. It just blink on and off. I was not the nut who recommended the workshop...

Anyway to morale of the story is maintain your car..


Blogger chelle said...

car maintenance is one of the most important task of every car owners...i know how it feeLs bad to have car troubles, especially spending much $ on it..just last week i had my system kits from huskyliner performance parts...the cargo liner had already damaged and can't get along with it especially with my family...now it provides maximum automotive protection as well as comfort..car was one of the sentiments we had to deal with..

July 31, 2007 at 12:19 PM  

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