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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I realised recently that Cineleisure in Damansara is the only cinema that has shows after midnight. I not sure if it is for everyday of the week or for Friday and Saturday night only.

Lately have been going there to watch movies. There were a few things that shock me when I go there.

1. At mid night that place is still very very happening. I would say at the Curve at about mid night still seem like the dinner rush hour.
2. The number of people watching movies after midnight. My goodness don't these people need sleep.

Actually I do too.. but then I was hanging out with teenagers. So I have to be act young and pretend that I am not dead tired and all I want to do is sleep. By the time we finish watching the show and I reach home it is 3 am. My goodness the whole weekend I am so tired.

But I think I have to do it again maybe in two week time. I am a bit slow when it comes to show.. so I managed to watch Transformer only last week.


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