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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

People Reaction to Exams

You know people are so different... I found out that all the Tohlets are having exams around the same time. And between the four of them the way they react to the nearing of exam is so different.

Li Sha - exam coming in Mid August.. mind you it is her Form 5 exam and she also has her grade 8 piano coming up. What is she doing... Studying of course but she still has time to do all the things she enjoys. Still has time to go out to Marche, time to play with her dog and of course watch show. But she is also studying and am sure she will do well...

Li Mae.. exam coming up next Monday.. her 1st year medical degree exam. Well .. she still has time to go Marche and hang out with her side kick. Well.. she does bring her notes with her when we go out. But how much she can study in the 5 min car ride and 10 mins sitting on the swing.. well what can I say.. But I am sure she will do well...

Li Yen exam coming up Friday.. 4th year medical.. What does she do.. her fav past time sleep, watch CSI and then study... Still has time to do all the things she like and study. No tears...

Li Kwan.. exam coming up Friday.. 4th year medical.. what does she do. Panic since May abt her exam that is in July... Study study and study and then study some more.. that all she does..

See the difference in people reaction to exam. My way is Li Sha.. play 1st.. study and then pray.

Hahahaha... Don't worry all of them are brilliant and they will do well in the exam.


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