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Friday, August 17, 2007

It is Study Break Time

No not my study break but it is the children study break time. Next week is school holiday. Today is Li Sha last day of exam before the study break. She told me already that Saturday is her freedom say so she ask me if we can hang out together. I am so honored that she actually wants to hang out with me, so of course I say "Sure".

Well I must admit she is studying really really hard. When I went over yesterday I can see books all over her room and she is study schedule on the wall and alot of stuff for studying..So she deserve a break for tomorrow. Where shall we go.

I try to go and say "Hello" to Li Mae also coz I bought her donut to eat. I knock on the door and there was no reply. I thought so rude... Then I went thru the bathroom to look in on Li Mae and what do I see. And if you look close enough she is holding the most important thing. Her HANDPHONE.


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