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Friday, September 28, 2007

My Spoil Dog

Sometimes we think human is the only one with high class taste, but my dog has too. When we were in TTDI market there were people giving away free dog food (Pal or some of those supermarket brand). So they gave a big bag to my Dad but then my Dad told them my dog don't eat your food. But they insists anyway.

So we mix the free dog food with Jake expensive dog food (Eukanuba). At first he ate it. But after a few meal we found that he pick put all the free dog food and put it outside his bowl and ate all the Eukanuba. I don't how he managed to pick it out because the Pal are in quite small pieces.

Then the other day I went to the pet shop they were giving away free dog biscuit so I took home and gave it to Jake. He smell it and didn't want to eat. Have to force him to eat. You can see the biscuit still on the floor. He was playing with it rather than eating it.

But if it is the Eukanuba biscuit you can see that he will be hunting for it.


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