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Friday, November 9, 2007

The Professional Photographer

I bought a digital camera to my Dad dinner and as usual I am quite lazy to take photo. So first con my cousin to take some photo. After that I was too lazy to walk around and take pictures so decided to hand the digital camera over the my cousin son Andrew. Hey.. he is kid he would love to do such things and it is a digital camera what can go wrong. My biggest mistake.

Here are his photo ... First you have to guess what is he taking. Is it black or is it white.

So after a bit of words.. some smart alec taught him how to use the zoom. And it became guess who body part this is

Then it became a bit better.. Guess who back it is and if I don't like you I cut you out of the photo.

But I must say that he took some very nice photo

His best photo. Hey what can i say he is a member of my family and he love food. That not exactly true.

Anyway after all that he was tired.


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