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Monday, November 5, 2007

Inspector Jake

Jake is the chief inspector of the house. Everytime you bring some thing new home he will be the 1st one to inspect with it. He will go and smell and check it out. Of course if his dog food... then he will want to eat it.

When we come back after playing with other dogs he will sniff and smell us. Then he will look at us like we have been traitor to him. Which of course we have.. So we tell him that he is still the most handsome dog we know.

When we come back from trips or when we packing for trips, he will also inspect our suitcase. He will put in head inside the suitcase and try to search for things in side. Maybe he trying to look for drugs !!!!!! But you must be careful with your underwear, there were many times when he just took over underwear out from our bag. We end up chasing him all over the house and he has the underwear in his mouth.

Anyway on Saturday we went furniture hunting just fun and my Mom bought a new shoe cabinet. The guys bought it to the house and Inspector jake went to work after the guys left.

First he just look at the shelf

Inspect the bottom shelf. I also don't know why coz it all the smelly shoes

Then it time to check out all the other shelves

The whole night he was staring at the show cabinet. Of course I made fun of him. Coz everytime he was resting, I will go and open the shoe cabinet then he will run there and go and sniff at it again. I must admit I did it about 5 times over 2 hours. hehe.. that was fun... After that he gave up... don't come when I open the cabinet anymore.. so there goes all the fun.


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