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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My 1st breakfast at my place

Well made my 1st breakfast at my place about 2 weeks ago. Okie nothing fancy.. french toast. Coz I didn't have a fridge and can't buy bacon and stuff to put overnight.

I cut the bread and crack and whip the egg. Then try to switch on the stove. ooppss.. i ran into a bit of problem was not too sure how to switch in on. try about 5 times.. i nearly had to give up. Then I found out you have hold the nob for awhile *phew* otherwise... i will be the laughing stock of the family.

This was me putting all the things out getting ready to cook.

The french toast frying in the pan.

The finish product

My food must be not too bad... coz after breakfast... my sister ...


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