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Monday, December 10, 2007

Kid Birthday

Woh so much happen in a week. I don't know where to start.

Let me start at my God daughter 2 year old party. Yes baby Ruaen is 2 years old already. But she is still quite shy. Cling on to the mom or grand mother most of the time.

The mom had a birthday celebration for her and invite her church friends. So there were kids ranging from 5 till about 2. Met a very chatter little girl who keep telling us she going Genting afterwards.

My cousin organizer some games for the kids but the adult end up playing most of the game. I was partner with baby Ruaen for the treasure. I ask her where are the fruits. She just look back at me... I told her "hey girl you live in the house it would be an embarrassment if we came in last." She just stare back at me. I think we came in last. :-(

After that we had pass parcel and some fishing game. In the end all the adults played rather than the kids. Say we play for the kids but actually we had fun. There was this scary person around.

There was this tent like house outside and when all the kids went home. See what my sister did.

Then it was time to play bubble. See who is playing the bubble.

We not so bad.. we did play with the birthday girl also.


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