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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

High Class Jake

My dog jake is such a spoil fellow. As some ppl know my Mom makes quite good prawn cracker. (hehehe.. sorry .. no more already)

That day we did a little test on Jake, we gave held in our hand one piece of my Mom cracker and one piece that some one gave us. He smell the one that we bought and he not interested but then when he smell the one that my mom made and he grab it like a mad dog. Then after that he came back to the one that we bought and he ate it but you can tell it was because nothing better to eat.

Then that day the roast chicken at pantai seafood had prawn cracker that was white and quite tasteless. We brought it back and gave it to Jake, even though he didn;t have dinner, he was not interested in the cracker. He refuse to eat it.


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