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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sometimes I wonder

I was at Parkson today and bough something using my credit card. Suddenly the guy asked me to sign my credit card.. as this was a very very old card I was quite shock. I was quite sure that I have signed this card before and in fact was using it the last few days I used the card. This was transaction that they asked me to sign, (had to use at least 12 times in a year to get annual fee wavier).

After trying to sign on the with 3 different pens.. and not getting any thing to show on the card. I realise that some how or another thru usage or something... my signature got rub off. And some how or another u cant sign any more on the card.

In the end I could still get my transaction thru. This make me wonder do ppl bother to look at signature at the back of the card. I dont know when the signature got erased but I have been using the card.


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