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Monday, April 21, 2008

Life is like that

I think I have reach the point in my life where my older relatives are getting on in years. Therefore most of them have also become sick and some have already passed on.

I remember long long time ago my uncle passed away which was abt 20 years and everyone else was still healthy. During last 8 years also so I have lost my grandmother and year later Tai Koo (my father sister) and then one of my mom brother-in-law.

About two years ago my Ah Pak (my father bro) was diagnose with throat cancer and we thought that thru chemo he was recover. Just last week my cousin sms me to tell me that he Dad has high fever as she was going overseas for a biz trip can we drop by to see my ah Pak coz he was having high fever and he was feeling down.

We (the whole clan) went to see him he look rather thin and not well. But he could still walk but not talk much. He also don't feel like talking to us. Then just this Friday my cousin call me again to tell me that her Dad was admitted to SJMC (*sigh*) because his face is swollen and they think the cancer has return. Went to see him on Sat.. he seem so weak and frail. He was still in the normal ward.

Last night or rather early this morning my cousin called me to tell me that they have moved her father to ICU and she is on her way to hospital now. His condition remains critical. I think in our heart we are preparing ourself. I think back to all the interactions that I have with my uncle. I think I can say that I did the best that I could for him.

This also make me think about my own parents. I think that as children at the end of their time said that we did the best that we could to love them and take care of them. To me it more important to show the care and love for our parents when they are alive.


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