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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally Relax ...

Hey...Sometimes I think in preparation for presentation... might as well not do work until the night before the presentation.

Like I said I spend about two weeks preparaing for the presentation. Only to get a email and phone call on Friday 7 pm that it is not quite right. So lucky.. my colleague from Maritius are very very nice and good. We work thru the whole night and morning. Finally managed to finish it by about 5 am on Saturday morning. Got home ard 6 am. Got a nap till abt 9 am. Then flew off to Phuket.

Really I would say i might as well skip the two weeks work and just work thru one night. I remember so well.. times that it happen when I was in Formis. So I guess every where I go is the same.

Managed to relax and nap a bit on Saturday. But was still in a bit of a panic.. but then some how or another in the back of my mind I was still worried. But now have meet the client and they only want to make minor changes so I can relax more now...

Now relaxing in lobby of a very nice resort. The person who enjoy the most is my sister. Nice resort and no need to worry about anything... that is what I call a holiday.

Update you all on my funny phuket experience later...


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