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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The whole world works for our Bosses

I think the whole world work for our bosses. I remember back in days when I work in Formis. NY and I will plan maybe to go home early or to sneak out for a bit of down time since we work such long hours. True to form one of our customer will call us and we will have to cancel our event. So we always say customers work for our boss, they seem to know what we are planning.

I thought since I change Boss it would be different. When I heard that I was coming to Phuket my 1st thought is Holiday and shopping. So plan to come on Saturday instead of Sunday. So can have at least a day off. Wrong...work until early Sat moring was so tired. Ok la.. still managed a bit of shopping.

Sunday... met customer and they want to have some changes. So have to give instruction and download the latest version. So had to work until abt midnight but with some break in between. But still can't go out coz always have to check mail. There goes most of my Sunday

Monday meeting the afternoon so can't really do much .. can't go to town shopping. By the time I finish the meeting was like 6. And I am alone dont feel like doing much. I also thought that I will have the whole day off on tuesday so can do it then.

OH... How wrong I was !!!! Tuesday morning they ask for meeting.. Ok.. I thought not too bad.. anyway shopping dont start so early I still have afternoon. Wrong again...
They request that I do something for them afternoon... Again plan ruin.

Then I thought evening la... Wrong again.. he requested for the meeting but then he got delayed... So i am stuck...

OK I thought maybe God is kind save some money...I thought maybe I can sleep in until abt 8 or 9. OH OH... HOW WRONG I WAS... Customer wanted me to meet him at 7 am... coz didn't meet him last night. *urgh* *urgh* what to do customer always right
So had to get up.

Oh.. well.. work is work...


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