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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Kids (Not the Human Kind)

I find it very amazing to watch and see how a dog can change the life of a whole family. Of course you must have a dog to really understand how much a dog can mean to a family.

I remember last time my parents use to laugh at people who talked about their dog and how amazing they are or they would think that it is so strange to let a dog sleep on your bed. That is until we had dog of our own. Now my parents treat Jake like he is their grandson. They talk to him and LET HIM SLEEP ON THEIR BED.

Last Saturday was one of my aunty 70 birthday and it was a family gathering. Other people where talking about their grandkids and what they can do. We can over hear my mother talking about her GRANDSON JAKE. I think if she could she will bring him to the dinner to show off.

I was at vet yday brought Li Sha and Li Mae to see their dog. Mumsey was CALLING LIKE EVERY 5 MINS from the time we left the house. Why..

1. To make sure that we are actually on the way to see her BABY
2. Call us while we on the way to make sure that we tell her BABY that SHE love her
3. Call us again when we still on the way to remind us to tell her BABY that she TOOK LEAVE to see her tomorrow
4. Call about 3 times while we are at the vet to make sure we pass the message to the dog and also to talk to the dog
5. After we left the vet I think she called Li Sha about 10 times to make ask how is the dog. Li Sha send me a sms to complain and then Mumsey CALL MY HOUSE. I told her to stop harshing us otherwise we will SUE her.

Today she make me go with her to see the dog again. When we were leaving because the car parking was she ask me to go out first. The reason being "I want to talk to my DAUGHTER". I told her but "the girls not here." She said "I am talking about my precious Phoebe. Oh... I speechless


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