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Monday, November 24, 2008

It must be something about this time of year

There must be something about year end that make me spent late night at hospital emergency room. This time it is my mother. Around this time last year it was my father. Although the journey to the emergency room was not as bad and scary as my father was. (My father last year collapse in the house and had to send him by ambulance to the hospital). My mother result is more serious than my father.

It started from her fall on monday.. well sat the pain was still there we sent her to the Chinese doc and after that she say she felt a bit better. Sunday went to my cousin place for dinner and when we came back around 8 something we were all getting ready for bed. My mom was downstairs (since she is sleeping downstairs since the fall) she suddenly yell for me to come down. I thought she wanted something.. when i reach downstairs I saw that she was on her knees. She said she try to stand but her left leg suddenly went weak and cant support her. So I yell for my sister and both of us try to help her up. (btw.. the dog was protecting her as usual... funny story later). She was in quite a lot of pain. My Dad said to send her to Pantai emergency since we were going to bring her for her check up on sat anyway. Between my sister and I we managed to get her to the car and it took us sometime.

Anyway they did xray and stuff and found that she has a fracture in her hip joint. So they have to do surgery to insert a rod and something... The surgery is not that dangerous but it is the after care. I guess we have no choice but to do the surgery.

For those of you who have elderly parents my advice to you if they fall and dont recover within a few days or hours best that you send them for xray. Best if you can help it make sure they don't fall. If I can say something to the older folks it would be dont be so stubborn and think that you are super being. Have broken things are very hard to fix and worrying.

Please do not tell my mom that we are worried about the surgery and recovery. Now we are telling it is a small thing and that she will be OK and there is nothing for her to worry about.


Blogger YozoraNiteSky said...

Oh dear.. this is really bad.. and we were just talking about it at lunch yesterday. Hope she is not having too much pain now.

November 24, 2008 at 11:21 AM  

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