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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sometimes online Portal Make your Life so hard

I was trying to purchase the Microsoft Action Park at the Mircosoft site. I spend half a day figuring how to use the site and still I couldn't get it done.

I don't understand... we want to buy their product under the Action Pack package. Had to SIT FOR A TEST. Aiyo... some more all the tests were mainly for developer so so in the end I found one that i think I have a chance in passing. In the end I didn't pass. Since it was a online test rope in all the developers to help me pass. In the end 4 of us managed to get enough marks to pass.

Then after that we thought that we will be able to buy the product. But we were so wrong. It didn't register my result "What the F$^$# !!!!!!" So sat for 2 more tests still it was not registered. what the F^&^!!!!

Anyway if by tomorrow I did cant tell it. I give up...

This remind me of my Mom saying that she prefer to buy things from those small sundry shops rather than from hypermarket. The main reason being that in sundry shop she can just ask the man bring me 100g of salt, bring me 12 eggs etc. In hyper market she got to look herself.


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