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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Everyday Exercise

Since I have changed job I have been become slightly healthier. First thing is that I get up a bit earlier. This because parking space is quite limited in front of the office. So to get a decent place I have to reach by about 8:30. So I have to wake up abit 7:30 am and leave the house before 8 each day.

Secondly the have to park the car a bit further away and also have to climb 3 flight of stairs every day at least twice a day. Once to go to work and another after lunch. If I go out for meeting and come back that will be another time. If I have to check on my parking because we those ticket parking that will be another time. Also sometime I park my car at the Kelana Jaya LRT station, so that is even further to walk. Oh well exercise is good me.

I told myself that when I start by new job I should start going to the gym. But so far I have been A BIG FAT ZERO TIME. haha... Please someone kick me in the butt so that I will go.


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