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Friday, August 3, 2007

It been once of those week

Wow.. the week has gone by in a blur. When I think back to what did I do over the week.. I also not very sure. I know that one day is was monday and now it is friday.

Trying analyze what I did every day... it is too hard of a task. All I can say is that Friday is finally here.. and I need some sleep. Was doing work until 4 am. Long and sad story..

Friday is also a day where I get to have nasi lemak for breakfast instead of the usual boring bread or cereal. hehe... I was lucky enough for two weeks for Yozora-Nite sky to buy me Nasi Lemak for breakfast.. mm... wonder if i get again next friday. I think that is pushing my luck a bit too far. haha.. one can must always live on faith and hope.

Lucky this Friday the twins are not back from Malacca and Li Sha has to study for her exams.. (I hope Li Sha is studying).. so I at least can have a early Friday rest...

Have a nice weekend.. and take care to all


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