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Monday, October 1, 2007

Visit Malaysia (I will stick to English)

That day as we were driving back from Cameron Highland was having a conversation with my sister regarding the places that we have visited within our own country. Here is my list

Klang Valley (KL Tower, National Meseum, Tugu Negara, Lake Garden, Zoo)
Ipoh (Most of temples there and of course all the famous eating places)
Penang (Penang Hill, The temple, and the famous eating places)
Beach Resort (Cherating, Langut, Lang Tenga, Langkawi, Port Dickson, Kenyir Dam, Pedu Lake)
Malacca (Most of the famous places there and also the cinema)
Hill Resort (Genting, Cameron and Fraiser Hill)
Hiking (Cant remember names but a few hills)
East Malaysia (Miri, Tawau, MT KK, KK, Kuching)

I think I am not too bad in terms of visiting my own country. But there are at least two places that I want to go

1. Taman Negara
2. Mulu Cave


Blogger B@m®©™ said...

oi cuti cuti la, not cuit cuit, hahaha, cuit i think means pinch

October 2, 2007 at 9:13 AM  

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