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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Funny Incidents on Sunday

Sunday was a time to panic not time to be funny. Anyway....

When my Dad was on the floor and my sister was holding his hand. My mom was shouting to us go switch off all the air cond. Can you make sure all the air cond are switched off upstairs. Oh well ppl panic in different way.

Then when I try to put a pillow under my dad because suppose to lift a person leg up if they faint. My dog was standing at at my dad feet guarding him. He wont let me near my dad. Jake wanted to attack me when I near my Dad... Aiya.. this jake ah...

Then when my sister was asking my Dad to squeeze his hand.. My mom was saying to my dad.. Jake is here also.. Can you hear jake barking ? Jake is barking can you hear him. Lucky jake the nut was barking so loud even if my dad wanted to close his eyes he cannot because Jake bark so loud. Then my sister told me that Jake licked my Dad forehead too.. haha.. JAKE WAS A HERO FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE.

Then I had to lure Jake away from my dad and get jake away so the ambulance ppl can do their job when they come. I took a cookie (well Jake no 1 priority is still food) threw it in the back room, so that i can lock him there. I dont care that he scratch or bark the house down. After I closed the door i away to wait for the ambulance and to help my sister. The next thing I know was jake walking outside again near my Dad. Aiya.. my Mom let him out of the room. Aiyo !!!!!!

Lucky managed to get the chain around him, so tied him outside. Of course he brak and bark. Lucky by that time my cousins were here. We actually had to put someone to look after Jake. so he dont attack the ambulance ppl.

When they put my dad in the ambulance my cousin said for my sister and I to go in ambulance with him. Cool man.. get a ride. When I was about to get i realised all my dad medical card and stuff was in my car. Coz i put it there.. So I ran to car to get.. when I turn back my dad and sister already in ambulance and door is closed. There goes my chance of a ride.

Then the ambulance try to turn out. I realised the way I parked my car made it very hard for the ambulance to get out. So I had to drive my car away so follow behind ambulnace. When the ambulance get out instead of turning right which is the fastest way to UH it turn left.

I was thinking Shit should I follow the ambulance or go my own way. I decided to follow the ambulance in case they going to another hospital. Oh well.. they really need a GPS system in the ambulance

When we reach the hospital of course I was later than the ambulance. I ran into the emergency ward. I saw my dad on the stretcher and my siste I dont know where. I talked to my Dad to reassure him not to panic or be scared coz he in hospital now. I dont know if I was telling myself or my Dad.

Then I went over to talk to a guy who look like he is the doctor. Shove all my Dad medical card at him, then he very slowly started asking me questions like what happen, how is he, just keep asking me questions. I was quite cool abt it at 1st coz I understand that he needs to know the history and what happen. After abt 200 questions, I got abit annoyed and raised my voice to ask the dr to take a look at my dad.. he was just lying there nobody attending to him. Then I kena lecture from Dr, so i walked away. He went and drink two cup of water and then walk ever so slowly to my dad. WTF WTF.. Then my sister came back and ask me what happen. Kena lecture from her too... she say I watch too much Grey anatomy. (Yeh hor.. where is are the handsome doctors!!!

Oh yeah.. for the fri day emergency we paid RM 20. Guess what I bought deli France.. and it cost me RM 32. My drinks and snack more expensive than my dad treatement.


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