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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My greatest nightmare come true

A bit of sequence

We thought Dad was OK since he was discharge from the emergency ward. Then Sunday evening I notice he seems a bit worse but in my rush to actually do so many things in a very short span of time I forgot to buy 100+ and some protein drink. Then I thought I could still do it on Monday.

Anyway sunday evening... Dad went up to sleep. I notice that he went to toliet coz we share a connecting toliet. I heard him groan abit so I ask him "are you OK?" he said OK. But when he went back to bed. I notice he was a bit weak and pale. So i told my sister better bring him back to UH, he dont look well.

My sister talk to him and he agree to go. So I went to change my clothes and get the car ready. Clear the junk from my car, get a plastic bag ready so he can vomit if he want to, kick all the shoes out of the way so that he can walk with ease. Put a slipper in the right position so he can just step into it.

My mom and my sister was helping him down the stairs, then suddenly i heard a scream and crying. I can see my Dad slipping to the floor and my mom and sister trying to hold him up. My heart stopped at stage. I ran to help them to put him on the floor. I can hear my mom crying and i know my sister was trying talk to dad and try to calm mom at the same time. I was calling 999 to get an ambulance. They were asking me alot of silly questions I try hard not to panic and repeated my address slowly to make sure they know where is it. But 999 continue to ask me question like where is your nearest hospital? Can you call another number ? I was thinking WTF... I cant find a pen and paper. I was angry coz i can hear my sister talking to my Dad and my mom crying abit. I was thinking i shld be with my Dad or mom.. so I hang up the phone and call my cousin Patrick and Oi sin coz I know both of them have ambulance number. Lucky both of them pick up the phone almost on the 1st ring. When i said Dad fainted call ambulance and I gave them my address they call the ambulance.

My mom and sister was holding my dad hand one on each side, i try to get near my Dad but my wonderful dog jake was guarding my Dad. he was standing in between my dad leg on the floor and when I try to walk near him he try and attack me. What la.. this jake.. I cant even get near Dad coz jake was showing me his teeth so I gave up and go and find some more ambulance number to call. At that stage i would have call all the ambulance in the world just get one here.

Lucky one call me from UH to ask me for direction so i knew it was on the way. Actually I dont know whether it was me or my cousin who call it. Coz I also call other ambulances. I think between the 3 of us we called abt 6 ambulances services.

Lucky can still think at that stage.. so had to lure my dog out and put the chain on him and tie him outside. and drive my car out so ambulance can come in to the house. By the time my cousins came already lucky they live quite near by. So at least got more people in house. But we were still like waiting waiting .. for the ambulance. Lucky I saw the ambulance coming to was waving to them to come to my road.

Managed to get Dad on to the ambulance and they took off to UH. Actually it all happen in about 30 mins but it seems like forever to me.

When they did a check and they found that his sodium has drop to 1.7 something normal is 140 something. So they put him on the sodium drip again but this time they had to ward him. By the time my sister and I left the emergency ward again was abt 5 am.


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