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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to describe the last 4 days

I really don't know how to describe the last four days of my life. But first let me say that I am very thankful that my Dad is now recovering. My thanks also go out to all my relatives who were there for my family. Words are just can't describe not enough to say how we feel having them around. To My godkids and their parents for their concern thank you also. To all my frens for their concern, it wonderful and comforting to know that there are people around whom i can call. You can not describe the feeling of knowing that you will not be alone. Thank you to every one. I also Thank God for being there and comforting me and giving me the strength to remain calm.

Well..to start the story...

I got a call on Friday morning at abt 10:30 am. and it was my worse fear come to true. My mom said that my Dad fainted in the house... My heart dropped ... I was thinking who can I call coz I know it will take me at least half an hour to get back. Lucky I thought of my cousin Patrick coz he work near my house. So call him and he rush off to my house. I packed up my stuff and rush off.

What was going thru my mind as I was driving back... actually two things one thing that I should have done and one thing i shouldn't have done. Thing I should have done was check on my dad the night before.. I heard him cough quite bad when I was watching TV but out of fear I didn't go in. (Fear because in my heart of heart I know that Dad is getting weaker and it is very heart breaking to hear him and see him getting weaker) Thing I shouldn't have done was to make my dog chase him that morning. Dad still seem very normal on Friday mring he still did all the things that he did. He was stood at the door when I left he seem like his normal self.

Lucky when I was half way home my cousin call to tell me that he is awake but where dizzy. I said and pray to Thank God that he is awake.

When reach home I saw Dad was awake but very weak. Try to convince him to go hospital and finally managed to get him to the hospital. Drove him to UH into the emergency and I must say the people attended to him quickly. Found out that his sodium level low. So started him on the sodium drip and his level came up. They discharge him at about 4:30. Took him home to rest.

I will stop the post here. and continue to the funny incidents stories post.


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