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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Funny Incidents

Well... I must say that it was very scary but it is important to think back and laugh to get rid of the stress.

When I reach home saw Dad in bed and he was wearing his short and tee shirt. Since we bringing him to hospital Mom wanted him to change in to shirt and long pants. Well.. I can say that the hospital is not a beauty contest so dont matter what you wear. But when Dad try to sit up to change he fall back down again. So guess he not going to win the best dress in the hospital coz we only managed to change his shirt.

While we were waiting for my father to feel better before we bring him to hospital, my mom keep telling me to buy my cousin Patrick lunch. She keep asking where to go for lunch. But that was actually the least of our concern.

I was relaxing and wanting to go to toilet suddenly I see my father walking past me going to the car. I was like "Hey Dad wait for me!!!!" I had to jump out of my seat in the living room grab my bag and car keys. I was not really ready.... lucky I had all my stuff with me. Didn't have to hunt for keys and wallet and handphone.

We actually told my sister to come home 1st coz at 1st we thought we be a long time, so when Dad made his mad dash to the car.. I wanted to drive off already. My mom was saying to us hey.. wait for your sister she on the way back. But we ignore her coz it was more important to get the Dad to hospital.

Then I drove slowly at first because I didn't want to shock and shake him. Then when we were around uptown the area. I was some more chatting to my cousin in the car. Suddenly I heard my Dad groan and moan.. and make sound like he going to vomit. Then I panic.. said to my cousin made we shld just go nearest hospital. But Dad said from the back he want to go UH. So my cousin said drive faster... So I be drove like a F1. Weave in and out of traffic and curse and swear at every traffic light. So next time if you see people doing this it is not because they want to.. but because they have no choice. Finally managed to get at hospital but cars was in the way.. so I horn my horn. hehe.. yeh I know it is hospital I was in panic mode.

The whole drive I dare not look at the rearview mirror or turn back to look at Dad. I was so scared at what I will see.

Actually Dad was sitting behind me on the drive to the hospital but the emergency people took the stretcher to the passenger side of the car. My cousin and I run to driver side to help my dad out of the car.. We look "hey dad is missing!!!" then we found that Dad has moved to the passenger side so he can get on to the stretcher. He smarter than us. We were like playing catching with him. Good sign he can still move.

When he was inside the emergency room he wanted to go toliet but he was on the bed and really really dizzy. I saw him talking to nurse, so i went to Dad and ask him what you want. He said he want to pee. So I told the nurse. Bugger the nurse ask my Dad to get up and walk to the bathroom. she keep pointing to ask him to walk there. What la..

Oh.. after that all funny incidents stop coz they put dad on the drip. But lucky they put him near the toilet.. coz he went like every 10 mins and everytime we came back to look for him (coz you not really allow to hang out in the emergency ward unless you lying in a bed) he was in the toilet. On fri he can still walk to toilet unaided.

Then when he finish his drip he felt so much better. My sister and i wanted to talk to Dr and find out why. My dad walked out of the emergency room already to go home. I guess can't blame him he dont want to stay. So we had to get out and take him home coz he wasn't going to stay.

Oh.. well.. But thank god really he is OK.


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