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Friday, October 5, 2007

Random Thoughts

I will start off with a funny story...

At my new condo there are two lifts. Everytime I go I notice there is a lift that will be on the 1st floor and another on 10th. I thought to my self "mm... there must be ppl already shifting to my floor". I am on the 10th floor. Then I go up I notice most of the houses are empty. Coz you dont see any grill or lights in their foyer. This happens every time I go for about 2 months. Once I even went around surveying the floor to see who have shifted and I notice maybe only one other family. Then I think this can't be right why are there people going to the 10th floor all the time. I wanted to ask the management office already. Lucky I was smart enough to think. Then i realised that my place has abt 20th floor so they always make one lift stay in middle. I feel like an idiot after i realised it. so stupid....

Dont know whether to be sympathetic or glad

For the past week or so everytime I drive to work, I notice that there is a policeman issuing summons to all the cars parked along the road at Palm Spring Condo. I think the policeman can make his quota just for that road alone. I think to myself should I be happy because hopefully it will force some of these cars to move away. Coz they really cause block the road until it so hard to move. Every morning cause a major jam, coz they all park along the road until we only got one lane to move. But then where else are this people going to park if they don't park there. I think condo only allow for one parking space, I also heard that for some units they dont even have a parking space. So these ppl just park all along the road. Maybe there should park their cars like this

Wow.. Thank God is weekend... that the other thing i want to say.


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