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Monday, November 19, 2007

Difference between private and public hospital

Went to a private hospital for my parents checkup on Sat. Having been to a semi government hospital I can now see the difference.

Let me start with what is the same between these two type of hospital.

1. You have to wait. At both places to see the doctor you still have to wait and it takes a long time. At the private hospital we wait almost 45 mins for the doctor to come and almost 2 hours for my Dad turn to do the Ultrasound. Poor Dad had to be on fasting until almost 2 pm.

2. You still have to go all over the place to go all the various tests. We had to walk from Block B to Block D go upstairs and downstairs and all over the place for my parents to complete all the test. Why they can't put all the places to do testing in one place.

3. You have to walk very far to go toilet and bring your urine sample back by yourself.

Now the difference between the two places

1. In the private hospital when you drive up, there is a bell boy to greet you and open the door for you.You feel like you going into a hotel instead of a hospital.

2. The waiting room chair in more comfortable in the private hospital. It nice big and got cushion. And they call you by name instead of a number.

3. The hospital staff and nurses almost everybody speak English. No la the nurses are not like bear there but I can't resist this image.

4. Now come to the major difference. In the private hospital the common phrase you will hear in difference tones and maybe slightly difference words will be "You go and pay first ?" or "After you pay you come back we will do the test?", "The payment counter is over there?"
There is nothing less than RM 100. Minimal everything cost you RM 100 and above. In the semi private hospital, treatment come 1st and nothing cost more than RM 50. (hehehe... till this day we have not even got the bill for my Dad hospital stay).

Even the speciality coffee shop they have there is more expensive. It is Starbuck.

If you ask me about the treatment and the doctor. I can find no fault with the UH doctors. When we consulted the private hospital about what happen to my Dad, he told us almost the same thing that the UH doctor told us. So for me I think I will still send my Dad back to UH because he gets the pretty nurses to fuss over him like a king !!!!


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