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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to the Gym

No shock and horror.. I went back to the gym for the past two days. well.. once to the gym at the condo and then back to Fitness First. Well the condo gym is nothing much like that fitness first gym. Why u might ask :-

1. They dont have TV. So you stare into the BBQ pit and swimming pool when you do your cardio exercise. For 15 mins I was staring at the BBQ pit and thinking when will I be using it..

2. You have a sister who keep asking you how you use this and what do I do.. Not exactly true coz there was a lady in between my sister and me. So we can't even chat.

3. And I miss the fighting got machine and the crowd around. I think it feel very in to have people around.

Next time I go i will take a picture of the condo gym... so can see the difference.


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