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Monday, January 7, 2008

The Flu finally Caught up with me

There was this flu living inside me almost for the past two weeks also. I will get the really stuff up nose at night and then in the morning it would be better. Darn it... can't take MC. Anyway for the past week everytime I wanted to take MC there was always a reason for me not. Hey.. I still do care abit about my work. Actually I care more about my frens there.

Friday night I went to sleep at the condo and then in the morning made bacon and eggs for the family... hehe.. i found out how oily the kitchen can get.. This time I remember to close all my room door so the smell of bacon wont get into the room, and also switch on the hood. But forgot to put newspaper on the floor so the oil got every where on the floor. Lucky got Mom to help me clean. (hey... she insists that she wants to mop... )

Saturday night was already feeling the effect of the sore throat and flu but then my sister offer me TGIF for dinner. So who can refuse such a offer. I did try to convince her to go 1Utama on Sunday afternoon.. coz i know the NY will be doing her duty at the shop and I thought of including her in the free Lunch. But then Jean got to work on sunday so... maybe next time NY.

The flu got really bad on Sunday well.. I didn't exactly stay home also... because I thought might as make it worse. Since there was this collection meeting that I didn't really want to go to.

So how did I make my cold worse.. have my parents cook curry for me for dinner. and walk the dog in the rain.


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