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Friday, December 21, 2007


Brought my dog jake to meet his cousin Leo. Leo is a bit sick coz he is old and has kidney stone problem. Now both Jake and Leo share the same vet so they have quite a few notes to compare.

Jake went in his handsome shirt. he look so handsome wearing his shirt.

Leo when he saw jake.. probably said what a sissy dog you are wearing that shirt. I dont want to play or talk to sissy dog. So I will hide in my fav place.

Anyway.... being like any proud parent (or in the case yee yee of a dog), my cousin decide to show off how her precious leo can sing. I know she will kill me for putting this video up. But too bad.... That the price you pay for gate crashing on the dinner.. (If you want to know who is the gate crasher ... see post below.. it is the singer.. no not the four legged one.. the human one.)


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