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Friday, December 21, 2007

My 1st Dinner at my Place

On Thursday thought I will be abit adventurous and cook dinner for the family. Look for the old old cook book which we got from Aussieland. Dust up all the dirt from it and read it.

Found a simple steak dish (I like to eat steak ...) Then had to beg and convince my family 1st to let me cook the meal. Aiyo want to invite ppl to come for dinner also so hard... maybe they know me I not that great of a cook. They came up with all sort of excuse like... why u do something simple like pasta.. or yr place dont have things.. make me :-(

After finally convincing them to let me cook, had to beg them to go supermarket with me. Hey.. the meal won't cook it self.

Finally managed to get all the things. I had to improvise on some of the stuff. So had a meal of steak, soup, potatoes salad and veggie salad plan out. My sister made the potatoes salad and salad.

The steaks cooking

The soup (okie.. I confess... I took the easy way out I open a can of campbell soup)

This is the finish product and my parents at the table. Take the pic from afar.. so cant really see the food.

If you count there are 5 places why you ask when there are only 4 human of us in the family. No lah... it not for jake... We had a party crasher ... There was this person from downstairs who insists on coming up for dinner. We try to get rid of her but we couldn't. OK la.. she did help with the cooking and bought a bottle of apple juice up. Which I kept. So now visitors to my place can drink apple juice beside water.

How did the meal turn OK... Everything was finish (I think that was because we had very little) and nobody had stomach ache. I stand corrected everybody finish their food except for my Mom. I think she kept some for jake even though he not suppose to eat beef. Coz when we reach home I heard him barking like crazy. he only get that way when there is food.

Oh.. and what is a meal with out desert. My sister desert.


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