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Monday, December 31, 2007

Roast Chicken

As requested by my cousin. I made roast chicken over the weekend. Well I not exactly made I just stuff the thing into the oven. My mom did some of the work.. she clean the chicken. hehe anyway..

Was a bit greedy so pile the whole tray with potatoes and carrots and tomatoes. After I did that I realise that my oven is not that big and I had problem fitting everything in. The tray was also small.. so I had to pile things on top of each other.

Then I had to bask the chicken and mmmm... the problem was how can I going to get juice when everything was so piled up. I can't even dig a hole thru to find the juice. So I did the next best thing.. threw two piece of bacon on top and hope that it works...

Here is the result. The taste was not too bad.. but next time I will have to put less. That means that I can only make for four people coz the tray is not big enough for so many ppl.

Oh.. btw.. my sister ended with stomach ache.. hehe.. but it was not from the chicken. In fact my dad and sister was having stomach before they ate *phew*. In fact my whole family was having a bit of stomach upset including my cousin and my cousin in law. Well it can't be chicken coz only my family ate it.

I have to tell you all this... so now who dare eat my cooking.


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