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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Poor Jake

Jake was having red eyes for the last week also. But because I started my new job and my sister was also very busy, we really have no time to bring him to vet. He was quite happy that we have no time to bring him. Anyway finally yday we managed to get some time and even though his eyes was better we decided to bring him anyway.

At 1st he was very happy coz he thought he get to go kai kai.. so put on his nice shirt and took him in the car. I drop him off in front of the vet and he went down the car. I went to park the car, then I look at how my sister was trying to drag him into the vet. She was really dragging him. See how his tag is down.

When we went inside.. he favourite nurse Anne was calling his name Jake. Jake .. why yr tail is down. Jake you don't know me any more. Jake you don't want to talk to me ah. Anne keep trying to talk to him but he refuse to look at her. See how he head and tail is down.

Then when we brought him into the vet...well... he refuse to let the vet examine him. He was so fierce and try to bite the vet. My sister and I had to leave the room so that the vet can deal with him. But then we can hear him barking and snarling at the vet. Then after awhile he was silent, we found out from the vet that he knock Jake on the head. I think my sister heart drop when she heard that. Her comment to me was that I hope Jake don't become stupid after that.

All I can say it that Jake is an embarrassment to us.


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