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Friday, January 11, 2008


On Thursday since it was a holiday... My cousins said they want to come over to my place for breakfast. So I open my big mouth and told them I will make them pancake. Hey.. simple right...Last week at midvalley I thought of buying the flour and the baking powder but then thinking that I won't be making it so soon decided not to get it.

So when my cousin sms me on Wed.. I thought since I am going to the Curve for dinner I might as get it from Tesco. Also so smart me decided to park my car at Tesco. Went for dinner and walk around Ikea. Said goodbye to ken wooi at abt 9:15 and went to get the flour, baking powder and milk from Tesco. Managed to get milk No problem, then look for the section on flour. AH !!!!! AH !!!!! can't find FLOUR !!!!! How to make pancake without flour. Consider getting the pancake mix but then it cost RM 11... Flour is only 2 bucks

So got the baking powder and thought maybe 711 or hop in sell flour. Got out of Tesco and park outside the curve. Coz they had a 711 shop there and found out that 711 DON't SELL FLOUR !!!!! AH AH !!!!! Was thinking of calling the whole breakfast thing off. But then thought mmm.. must show off my skill a bit.

So tracked all the way back to Cold Storage, I walked from the curve to Cold Storage !!! Lucky managed to get flour there.

So problem solved .. so I thought. Then when I got in my car I realised that I didn't have any measuring cup or weight machine.. How am I going to get the exact stuff...Felt like banging my head at that stage. I was not going park my car again to buy the stuff.

So I thought I was sleep on it and see if I can come up with a solution. Worse case I use the bathroom scale... hahaha

Next morning got a sms from my sister before 8 am telling me to go downstairs at condo and greet King Jake. So i thought will ask her to bring my mom measuring cup. But my the time I send the sms she already left the house. Argg!!!!

So I had to accompany my sister, mom and jake back to the house to take the measuring cup. Lucky my mom has extra.

So after all that how did the pancake turn out

Sorry to say that is not my pancake !!!!

This was my pancake. Look more like a roti canai. I blame the pan. !!!!

Taste was OK !!!!! Lucky !!!


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