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Monday, January 14, 2008

Must be one of those Days

I went down to Low Yat and bought myself a hardisk media player. It is this cool thing where you can store your avi file in and then be able to play in on the TV. Got it on friday and decided to go home and try it out.

Went to my sister room and connect it up to the TV. I kind of figure yellow will go in the yellow hole, red go into the red hole, and white to the white hole. Was all excited abt it and then switch on the TV. and all I got was the blue screen on the TV. Argh !!!!!!!! Some more got a real loud noisy sound coming out from it.

Then thought that maybe my sister room is a old TV maybe that why it doesn't work. So went and kick my mom out of wai lai toh so that I can try on the newer TV still the same result. I thought "mm... I just wasted abt 400 bucks!!!!" Was ready to give up.

Then I decided to try again.. this time I push the wire really inside wah... I managed to make some progress... at least I got rid of the really loud noise. mm... then I notice that the light on the harddisk was red.. so I thought I will push the other wire in some more.. Okie.. I managed to get it to green... but then still the same result on TV. Blue screen,.... Really wanted to kick that piece of thing already... But like most technical person.. when all else fail reboot.

WAH.... After the re boot I managed to watch my avi on the TV. Lucky ... not wasted my money....

Thought that got rid of all my silliness.... On Saturday i went over to my place coz people was coming to install the lock on the door. I had to open the door to my cousin place (which is one floor below mine) and my place. So waited at my place and then the guy call me to tell me that he is downstairs. So ask him to come up. I open my door and I expected him to come from the right hand side because I thought that the there is one stair way which is way over on the right hand side and the lift is also on the right handside. So to my shock he came from the left hand side. MMM... I wonder how he did that...

Anyway did want to look stupid so I didn't ask him. After he finish my place brought him down via the lift...

I then told my family about it.... then they told me "You are silly nut..." Didn't u know that there is a stairway on your left hand side. Which is so near.

MMM... and to think I always walk so far to the right to go downstairs. !!!!! And everybody knows there is a nearer stairs !!! I don't even know

This remind me of the time ... after having used my MP3 player for over a half a year. One day I went to CPS and NY to tell them I had to go low yat... because I suddenly can't switch off my MP3 player...So happily went to Low Yat and went into the creative shop and told the man I can't switch off. Then show him which button I press. He told me in a nice way... "you press the wrong button" The off switch is this one...I can hear a choke laugh from CPS who was next to me. Lucky NY was not ard coz she went somewhere else. I was quite embarrass so said Thank you and walk out the shop !!!!! To think I have been using that MP3 player for a year, I don't know why that day I press the wrong switch !!!!


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