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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Busy CNY

Well CNY is over already. This is one of the longest break that I had but I must say it is also one of most hetic one.


Off work so that day started out rather slow. Since we were going to put for the CNY Reunion dinner there was nothing much for us to do but we were so wrong. My sister wanted to go back to office because she left her laptop battery in the office, so we drove there. But 1st had to make a stop to collect the dishes that we order for CNY Day 1 lunch. Then after my sister office went to the bank, and since the bank was open my sister went in to do some transaction. Then I went to see the doctor. I was having the sneezing thing again. Doctor advice was "GET SOME REST" That should be easy since we had such a long break.


My mom open the things that we brough back yday for our CNY Lunch. We order chicken and it turn out to be a DUCK. What to do cant take it back coz they close. She ask me to bring to the condo to heat it up. MMM... problem put in the micro put how long ah ? Dont know... anyway try and error put until warm. Or until we finish making the jelly. My sister and I bought stuff to make jelly as well.

Then waited for my relatives to come. As usual we waited and no one came and when they come they all came in a big troop even though they dont belong in the same family. So as usual suddenly the house be came very noisy.

After they all left we did our usual round of visiting people. Told my Dad that sit 10 mins at every house. Which never quite works ... by the time we finish our round and reach back home was abt 5. Had a quick dinner then visited my Uncle in Shah Alam. Reach home also 8.

Day 2

Started with an SMS from my cousin Rachel SOS for help. Her Mom mouth suddenly bleeding and she had to send her to hospital . Suppose to have a big family gathering at Rachel house on 2nd day of new year. Rachel SMS to ask us to come down earlier to help her with the getting ready for the gathering. So had to go and help her. Well the best part about this is that my duty was to baby sit Ruaen which means I just have to sit in front of the TV and throw a ballon once in awhile. Not too bad.

Then at night had a family dinner with my Dad side of the family. The dinner was at 8 because we were in the 2nd session. Was not too bad, since the dinner was at Overseas. Then after dinner had Li Mae b/day.

Day 3

MM... what did I do in Day 3... oh yeah.. i slept at the condo so I clean it up. Coz actually since the gathering I didn't clean it. hahaha.. came back to my sister place then my mom step sister-in-law came. then after that we phone my cousin oi sin coz we wanted to go her place but then she was at Kenny place. So we self invitied ourself over. Lucky there was lunch. Homemade some more.

After that was my cousin Kelvin 21st birthday. Here are some of the photo of the dinner. I took it coz my cousin Seong cant come for the dinner so MMS him the photo.

Here was the empty plate I forgot to take before I ate

Wow.. I write this post I also tired. Continue next post.


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