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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trying to Save Money

I have been trying to save money for the past few months.. but I never seem to suceed. It always the case that something unexpected will come up.

For example last year suddenly the Tax man show up at my door. I had to fork out abt 14k.. for taxes which I have not paid since the day I started work. Oh... well what to do.. since they dont charge me interest.. might as well pay up. There goes most of the money that I save. What can I say...

Then every month I try not to spend so much money.and every time i thought I managed to save some money I end up paying for something or another. I am not talking about new things but just things that I had to pay for. Like personal insurance or car insurance and road tax.

This weekend was just the latest example of that.. I thought I managed to save some money this month.. So decided to take my car out for a wash at 1 U. I know that i had to change my car battery but I thought wait till next month. Went to pick up the car after the wash. Try to start my car but cant start it. *Bummer*.. Lucky the guys at CARS was very nice they help me jump start my car. Drove home and call AAM and end up paying RM 300 for the new car battery. Then I realised that while washing my car... my MPPJ parking ticket is missing as well.. What a double bummer. So i must make sure that I go out often this month. There goes my money flying away.

I know the next thing I have to do is change my car tyre... oh.. bummer again. I was hoping to get a new Targus napsack. But look like that will have to wait...


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