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Monday, June 30, 2008

It is better to be a dog

I think it much better to be a dog. I was having gastic and stomach ache problem over the weekend. (I think i must have caught the virus from Phoebe ;-)) True to form what did my parents do.

Sunday lunch, my dad actually wanted to cook porridge which is good, right. But then as usual my mom veto the idea. She ask me to go out to buy wantan mee. I am a bit allergic to wantan mee.. sometime I get stomach ache. What to do queen say.. so have to eat loh..

Dinner my cousins wanted to come over for dinner. They were duck and kai choy (which is a sour dish). so both are not good for me. Then my mom suggested that we cook CURRY CHICKEN... I told her mom I having stomach ache I can't eat curry. Her answer was "so.. what you want me to cook.. curry is the easiest ?". What can I say to that right. Then I thought at least they will make soup. But no soup at all. So in the end I had to eat duck and long beans with egg for dinner. And yes they really made curry.

I rather be Phoebe. All my mom said was sleep early.


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