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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is all about timing

You know.. sometimes I wonder... why must the timing be so bad....

As for late I have to travel to spore often. As usual I have to travel again next week to Singapore. For this trip I dont why but my bosses decided that I go alone. So damm sad...

Then I went thru the list of people that I can ask to come with me.

NY - because I know she would love to come with me.. esp since she found this great place to shop and Moss burger. But then her mom is in hospital and is recovering. So for sure she can't come.

Mumsey - another person like NY who love to shop. But then Li Sha is back at school so have to be driver. So can't come

Li Sha and Li Mae :- Classes... so cant come...

If it was last week all these ppl except for Li Mae would have been 1st one to put their hand when I say let go spore. Such lousy timing.


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