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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

God works for my Bosses

Last time when I work for Formis, NY and I used to plan to sneak away. Sorry NY I hope your boss dont read this. We will say "Hey.. let play golf trow since both of us got nothing on." Then we will agree either to play in the morning or afternoon.

True to form... Some customer or one of her boss will call and say I need to see you. There goes our golf out the window. or whatever event we have plan goes out the window.

I found out no matter where I work is the same. I thought I would have a day off today in Singapore. Then customer ask for morning meeting. So ok.. half a day shopping also not bad right... wrong.. confrence call in afternoon. Ok la.. how abt trow mring before i go off.. wrong again... morning meeting.

My life so sad.


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