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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Parents and Kids

This morning was talking to Dreamer about little zach. How he was hurt during one of the minor incidents at home. Go read Dreamer blog. I too lazy to link. I told Dreamer I wont scold her for that coz it just accident. Anyway nothing can beat the story of Li Sha...

One Monday many many years ago Mumsey came into office to tell us how she was nearly down to 3 kids.

They (Benny and Mumsey) brought all the kids (4 of them to the old jaya jusco in TTDI). I think Li Sha maybe would have been about 2 or 3 just started walking. So the couple were happy shopping with the kids. Each one of them thinking that the other is looking out for the kids. I think the eldest 3 were smart they just stick close to one parent. Suddenly Mumsey and Benny realised that Li Sha was missing. I think (or I hope they panic). Lucky they heard over the PA of this lost kid.

The story goes like this.. while shopping the lift open and Li Sha not knowing better walked into the lift. In the lift there was already a couple with kids and a single man. When the lift open on the ground floor the couple walk out with their kids leaving Li Sha behind (Of course la she not theirs). The man said to the couple "hey.. you forgot one of yours kids" The couple said but that not OURS.

Lucky the man was good he brought Li Sha to the information counter. So when they announce on the PA about a lost kid. You know what Mumsey said to Benny. Go collect your kid. She was too shy to go because what mother will lose her kid while shopping.

I glad I not there knowing Mumsey.. she probably make me go collect li sha.


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