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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Twins Birthday

As request by Mumsey.

One day Mumsey came to work and complain... "Aiya.. my twins ask to have a birthday party in the house. but I said CAN NOT. Too much work.. NO party in house."

Then a few days later I think Mumsey call me in sort of a panic and said .. "You have to come to my house on Saturday and help me with the TWINS BIRTHDAY PARTY." I told her.. hey i thought u said no party.

Mumsey said "The girls told me they invitied all their friends already" So how to uninvite like 15 kids from the party....

Well moral of the story if your mom said no to a party.. just invite all yr friends to the party. Then yr parents have no choice

So can you imagine on that sat.. I had to drive mumsey every where to get the cake, pick up the KFC, buy this buy that. The reason why i had to do this Benny is working. Hey... that is not my problem ..

Then during the cermony... had to organize games and feed the kids. I was quite happy after awhile the kids decide to go play upstairs. I think that was the day i decided that it better to have kids that you can return.


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