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Friday, November 28, 2008

Are we bad children

Sometimes I think we are not too good children. Since my mom is in hospital we go visit her sometimes quite late because of the traffic and work. A few times my cousins who are visiting her had to call us to find out where we are. Then some of them ask us who stay with her over night and we said No one. hehe... well my mom always ask her to go home. Also there is nothing much we can do at this stage because she just lie in the bed.

Then yesterday before her surgery my sister and I were with her. Then they wheel her down for surgery ... we saw her to the door and then the nurse say that as far as you can go. Then my sister look at each other... what to do.No bed to sleep on upstairs so we went out. Went to Bangsar Shopping Center and ate dinner.

So while mom was having surgery we were shopping. But no mood also just walk ard to kill time and not worry abt her too much. Dr called abt 7 pm to say the surgery went well and she should be back in her room at 8. Lucky we managed to go back to the room before she came back up from surgery.

But mom got her revenge on us. Because mom was not under GA she was semi awake during the surgery. We ask her what did u think about during the surgery ? her answer was JAKE !!!!! we ask her u mean you didn't think about us. then she thought very long only answer a bit. But i think she said that not to hurt our feeling.


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