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Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Part 2

Well after Day 3 we thought that we should have time to rest. Since I was also off on Monday I should have Sunday and monday to rest. I was actually running on EMPTY by Saturday night. Was so tired that when my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

Day 4

We thought we can just rest at home. Actually my sister plan to cook dinner at the condo for the family to eat. I was actually feeling very sick and tired on Sunday. So after early lunch went to sleep. My sister left to go office for a while. I decided to bath Jake even though my sister job. Then my cousin call to say she bringing my aunt over. Okie.. there so part of restful day. Anyway decided to go nap.. as I was napping Li Yen call to ask me to send them to Subang so they can catch a ride from their friend. So had to get up and send them to subang. On the way there.. my cousin call me to ask me to drop off some of her things at the condo. Aiyo so hot and had to do so many things. By the time I finish the running around I was so tired. No time to sleep. My parents came home so went out to dinner. Coz my mom dont let us cook in the condo. Then send my aunt back to my cousin place.

Then some more I had to watch Man Utd lose to Man City. That made my day even better.


Was suppose to be a free day. i thought I will go to gym, then go cut my hair and then drop my jacket off at the dobi. Went to gym, then went all the way to New Town. Found out that almost everyone also on leave. So hard to find parking. Managed to find one and then walk to the hair saloon found out they still close. On the way back found out the Dobi also close. Then my cousin call ask me go Ikea.

wanted to buy a table for the TV but then the thought of putting it together ourself will be too hard. So no tv table.

Then check my office email and found out that I got alot of things to do when I get back to work.


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