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Friday, February 15, 2008

It only February and ....

Well people say that a change of year bring a change of luck for the better or worse.. It only Feb and I can say so many not so nice thing has happen.

It started before the CNY...

My mom sister had a mild stroke. Lucky it is mild so she is slowly recovering. She wont be what she use to be but she will get better. Now at least she is better and can walk around.

Then found out one of my aunty who is in spore broke her hip again. So had to have a operation. Lucky she also recovering.

2nd day of the CNY my aunty had bleeding from gum had to go to hospital. Dont know why. Lucky she is OK now.

Then just yday.. my sister msn me to tell me she fell on the tar road and got a bungalow on her head. I ask her what happen.. she told me she was hit my a car. I ask her whose car... HER OWN CAR.

Guess how it happen. She sent her car for repair and being ka pow went over during lunch to take a look. she stood at the side of the car with the door open and then the manchic some how or another reverse the car. So the door knock her down. Don't whether to laugh or to pity her. Anyway lucky she OK other then the knock on her head.

Then just this morning.. I reach office and then one of the my colleague came and told me she kena snatch theif. They took her purse and plus the notebook. It was during peak hour also at about 8:30. Some more our place is a busy place. She park at the lane in between the building. To tell you the turth I was also considering to park there because shade for the car. Now i change my mind.

I hope the rest of the year will be not so eventful for me.


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