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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dad Discharge

Dad checked out of the hospital on Saturday morning. One day later than what he was suppose to...

Saturday morning Jean and I went to the hospital.. we step out of the lift and had shock...the patients were all put in the corridor in front of the lift. We were wondering what happen and WHERE WAS OUR DAD ? We went searching for him in the room but found that they are washing all the floors in the room so that why they push all the patient outside. Finally we found our Dad at the end of the lift area. He look fine, said the doctor didn't come yet. We told Dad we go and have breakfast and then come back up to wait with him. Went to eat at deli france.

When we came back up the doctor was with him already. The doctor said that his sodium level is almost back to normal, therefore he can go home and that he has to come back for a blood test on Monday. We didn't really get a chance to talk to the doctor coz my dad was so excitied he was talking all the time. He just heard that he can go home.. he got so excitied. So started the dischrage procedure. Told him to sit and wait while my sister and I take care of the bill and discharge stuff.

He was so excitied... he change his clothes and ask us to take pic with him and my sister to comb his hair. We keep telling relax, slow down, dont get so excitied.

Here is a pic of him getting ready to leave

Picture of him with us

Anyway he was excitied that I had problem keeping him sitting at the ward while we ran around paying his bill and getting his med. Finally managed to get him to sit down and wait for the car.. so went home. Really home around lunch time.. so went out to get some food and he finish his whole bowl of hakka mee.


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