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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Shaun

Yesterday i was asked by Li Mae to stop by the house with the promise of a cake. She didn't tell me that it was her sidekick (Shaun) birthday, so lucky I like to eat cake so I drop by. I keep asking Li Mae why must I wait for the cake, she just keep saying I must. After about 5 mins of "Why I must I wait for cake ?" Li Mae respond "Because I said so...". I kind of guess that it was Shaun birthday coz i know there are very few people that Li Mae will help bake a cake for. I know that it was none of the other family member birthday. It also not the dog birthday !!!!

Since Mumsey.. was not in the house it was up to Li Mae to decorate the cake. Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet finish one set of tennis and still she has not finish the cake decoration. *yawn* *Yawn*

Finally the cake was ready. Then the next big challenge.. how to get the cake out of the cake tin. Mumsey (the expert) was not around. So it took 3 people to get the cake out of the cake tin. First the couple try to do it.

It didn't work also.. cake nearly fell out. (I was afraid I was going to eat the cake from the floor). Then the father has to help getting the cake out.
Finally the cake came out. Lucky it came out quite well. Otherwise all of us will be scolded by Mumsey...I would have ran home and pretend like I never came to the house.

Next task was to light the candle. Mind you there was only two candle to be lit. Li mae first try to light it, she couldn't. Her excuse was that there is wind from the table fan near the TV. (My dear that fan is at least 30 meter away). You know how many matches it took to light two candles. Count

Anyway after all that.. the cake tasted very nice. The entire process to decorate the cake and to sing the birthday song took the entire time that Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet play the clash of the titan tennis match. And it was a 3 set match.


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