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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Parents and Doctor

When it is time for my parents to see the doctor they try to either bluff their doctor that they are OK.

My Dad a week or two weeks before it is time for his medical checkup he would cut down on his salt and sugar intake. He will be very good with his food intake so that when he goes for his checkup his test will show that he is healthy. Then he would come back and tell me that the doctor say everything is under control.

Anyway.. took both of my parents for the medical checkup in Pantai on Saturday. As they had to do blood test and such, I don't if they watch their diet before hand or not.

As we had to wait for the doctor we read a lot of the posters that were on the wall. And my parents conclude that one of the test that the doctor will put them thru was a memory test. So having a lot of time , they try to cheat... they ask us "What did we do last weekend ?", "what did we eat yesterday ?" Thinking that these are some of the questions that will come out in the test that the doctor will give them. So they were hoping that my sister and I will provide them with the answer 1st. (Hey.. that cheating.., anyway it took me awhile to remember what we did last Saturday and what we ate yesterday !!!)

Then we actually got to the doctor, (he didn't even bother with the memory test). He made both of my parents walk in a straight line. Well.. they didn't do so well on the test.. after about two steps they nearly fell. Lucky the doctor caught them.

When we came out of the doctor office.. my mom was still quite upset that she fail the walking in a straight line test. She keep practicing it ... her comment to us was that "If I had known that this was the test he going to give me, i would have practice this at home."

I think she is going to practice at home and next week show him that she can do it!!!


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