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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The engerizer bunny

Now we have a new nickname for my dad - the energizer bunny. He is so full of energy that I am abit worried about him.

When we came home from hospital, he was happy (which is good) and he and mom was doing as usual they chitter chatter. He was talking non stop. We told him slow down rest. He still continue to talk. My aunty helen and family (my dad sister) wanted to come and visit him, so we said fine. Then we thought that Dad should stay at home with one of us and we will buy back dinner for him. At about 5 pm, Dad shower and changed already to go out for dinner. Can't even tell him to stay at home. I was washing my car in the porch he was sweeping the floor. Aiyo... I told him please sit down and rest.

My aunty and family came, He was talking and talking. So full of energy.. Went to eat nearby. I try to hold him when he was talking he push my hand away. Aiyo..Talk and talk again during dinner. When we went back home told him go and sleep.

On Sunday... He got up abt 7 am (that was because we banned him from coming down at 4:30 am). He was as usual full of energy, my aunty and cousins came over and he was like going to the door and greeting people and talking and talking. Li Mae and parents came over and he was also all excited. He didn't even do his normal 3 - 4 hour afternoon nap. I went to condo and came back in about one hour he was up and about again.

Monday morning took him to UH again to do the blood test. Had to wait for the result so he ask me to bring him to a few places 1st. He WANTED to walk to car park which was like so far... I told NO NO NO, you sit here and be a good boy and wait for me.

Now we have a new nickname for him the energizer bunny or hoppy. My sister said maybe the dr gave him so hyper pill or something. I cant remember my Dad being so active since I think almost like 5 years ago. He like a completely new man..

Now I am worried coz that is doing too much too fast. He should be resting and taking it easy.. But then it like no use talking to him about it. Sometimes I wonder are we worrying for nothing !!! It is like he is not active than we worry, he is too active we also worry.

Now actually we told family and frens not to come and visit him. The reason being is that we do not want him to get excited and start talking so much. We want him to rest.


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