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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Full Circle

Life is a full circle. When we are young our parents are the ones who take care of us. They are one who has to feed us, bath us, to things for us and worry about us. They are tells us do this, don't do that. Eat your food, Go and sleep now and stop talking. These are words that I am sure that every parent have utter to their child.

They are also the one who hold your hand while you walk to support you and make all your hurts be it emotional or physical go away. I am sure that they have worried about us when we don't come home and when we are away for any period of time.

After the incidents with my Dad.. I find that the roles have been reversed. We are ones that are telling him "Go and rest... eat your food... stop talking... " "Don't sweep the floor, don't mop the floor, don't cook"

We are one who hold his hand to help him walk the stairs or when he walks. Not that my dad can't do these things on his own. He can (Thank goodness) but it is just that we feel that he should be taking it easy. Not hopping around like a energizer bunny. hahaha

Take it easy Dad...Go sleep your normal 5 hours afternoon nap.


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