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Monday, December 3, 2007

Dogs Community

I took Jake for a walk on Saturday to the playground. I saw a Jack Russell at the playground. There was this girl with the dog, and suddenly the girl said "Hi Jake" and my dog whine and wag his tail.

I came back and share with my sister and we came to the conclusion that we know know the name of the dogs in the neighbour hood but we don't know the name of the owner. I think most of the other owner can say the same thing about us.

There are 3 Jack Russel - Ginger (which is the dog that greeted Jake), bee and cee (jake early morning walk mates)

2 poodle - Sandy (which hates jake) and Maggie (but maggie died.. got ran over by a car, RIP)

2 mini pincher (both of them named Lucky, one died (RIP) and one moved away)

1 Dalmatian (that one is Jake girl fren, flower but she moved away)

1 Golden Retriever (Hunter who owner does things in middle of the night, like bath him and bring him for walk)

Alot of mixed breed. (Jupiter - who bite Jake, the guards dog whom Jake get very excited when they in heat)

Actually there are quite a few other dogs in the houses but then we seldom meet them. These are the one we meet when we go for walk or they come look for Jake.


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